13 things to remember on a bad body image day

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Bad body image days come and they go, but it's key to remember that your thoughts aren't true. Whatever your mind is convincing you is wrong and rather than sink into the hole of negative thoughts, think about why you are having those thoughts. Most of our thoughts about ourselves come from what societies standards have been "set" to, and if we don't measure up to those standards we aren't enough. We aren't pretty enough, skinny enough, tall enough, tan enough; the limit of "enough" basically doesn't exist. I've challenged myself on my bad body image days on why I feel the way I feel, and these are the things I try to remember.


1.  You are the only YOU to exist, and in this world full of billions of people there is no one like you.

2. Despite your dislike or hatred towards your body it will always carry you mentally and physically.

3.  Your body is the only body you will ever have, so why not make home in it?

4. You have been at war with your body for so long, what would happened if you tried loving it?

5. Your body has zero value to your worth.

6. Your body, size, weight does not define who you are.

7. Your body is only a physical attribute, there is so many more magical things about yourself.

8. Your weight really is only your gravitational pull, numbers mean nothing.

9. Don't compare your body to anyone else, especially in the media. The media is full of photoshopped, edited, and contorted images - even the people in magazines don't look like people in magazines.

10. The person you wished you looked like struggles with their body too, so know that "beauty" is a social construct and we all see ourselves differently.

11. Their beauty is not the lack of your own.

12. All bodies are good bodies.

13. You do not owe your weight, your health, or an explanation about your body to anyone.

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