Dear Kourtney Kardashian. We need to talk.

Because we all need abs to wear a bikini. Source:

Hey, Kourts. It's kool if I kall you that, yeah?

Anyway, you don't know me, and I don't know you, but just for context- I'm a 26 year old girl from Melbourne. I am an Anorexia survivor, I live with depression, and my mission is to help make women feel better about themselves, not worse. I've got to tell you though- you're making it really hard. Not just you, of course. Your diarrhoea-tea promoting sisters also make it difficult, but that's another article I'm sure I'll get to soon.

For now, I want to address Poosh. Your latest endeavour, of which I am not entirely sure the extent you are involved, but I have some issues regardless.

A short scroll of the site reveals articles such as "3 moves to get your body bikini ready", "The sugar escape- ways to cut the carb" and "How to look good naked", which involves advice on how to hide your cellulite. I just... I'm frustrated.

See, the thing is, there are a bunch of us who are trying really hard to break through diet culture and the constant shaming of women's bodies. The message that we are not enough as we are, that sugar is the devil and that having fat on our bodies is something to be ashamed about. As you can imagine, we don't have an audience of over 76 million, so having to constantly combat the type of content put out by brands and companies such as Poosh feels like a little more than just an uphill battle.

Let's just reiterate. A flat stomach is not your life's purpose. Source: Poosh.

Let's look at the "Foods to flatten your belly" article for a second, shall we? By the time i reach the second line- yes, second, I come across this- "we’re here to help get your body looking its best right in time for swimsuit season". NO. Just NO.

Why are we still pushing this narrative that swimsuits belong on a certain body type?

What exactly is the point in putting this type of content out into the world? What are you, your branding team, content writers and whoever else is on board trying to achieve?

Cause I'm just going to come out and say it, but Poosh is exactly what we DON'T need in the world. It's exactly what women DON'T need to be reading. And look. I don't blame you entirely, of course not. We are all victims to the unrealistic beauty standards set for women. You especially being in the spotlight, but I'm sure you realise by now that with great influence comes great responsibility. And I can't help but think there are other ways in which you could be using yours. Say, by spreading the message that women don't need abs or a flat stomach to wear a bikini, carbs are not evil and your body is beautiful exactly the way it is, cellulite and all. Can you imagine the impact that might have on the young girls who follow you?

I know you'll never see this. And that's okay. But hopefully someone who needs to might. Someone who, like me, has been plagued by body image issues their whole lives. And hopefully, it gets them a step closer to filtering out the BS. To realising that this constant ideal we are sold is not the key to happiness. No, it may not be reaching 76 million people, but I will continue tell myself it's a start- mainly to prevent banging my head against a wall the next time I come across an article about carbs, flat stomachs and detox teas.