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Loving yourself from the inside out.

We spend so much of our time comparing ourselves to others that we forget to stop and appreciate what we have. If you really stopped and took a good look at yourself what would you see? I know that you would see a healthy, beautiful person staring back at you. One that’s been through hell and back but is still here, still fighting on. You’ve put your body through pain because you thought you needed to be a certain way. The way you see those models on social media, or that girl walking down the street. You think that you should be like her, look like her. You look down at your own body and wonder. Why isn’t my chest as small as hers, why isn’t my stomach as flat as hers, why are my legs so much bigger than hers, why do I have pimples but her face is flawless? Your inner critic starts up and she won’t back down at least not without some self love. We are all unique human beings, all made differently. Love the body you have, cherish all your curves and uniqueness because they are beautifully you. What kind of world would we live in if we all looked exactly the same? Not one I would want to live in. We need to stop with the judgment and comparison and start with self love to ourselves.

Daring Culture

I want you to walk over to the mirror look at that beautiful lady staring back at you. Smile and repeat after me,

I am Beautiful

I am Courageous

I am Mindful

I am Powerful

I am Kind

I am Confident

I am Creative

I am Compassionate

I am Determined

I am Daring

Positive affirmations deck by ‘Shining Your Light’


(Content from Daring Journey Book - www.jennalee.biz/daringjourney)

How did that feel? Did you cry because you were being so nice to yourself? I know I did the first time I did this. I started crying because it felt so good telling myself all these kind things. Something that I neglected for a very long time. You deserve to feel loved by yourself, you deserve to walk into a room and feel confident and happy in your own skin.

The next time you go to compare yourself to someone else I want you to stop the thought as it comes in. Then flip it to compliment yourself. Let’s put this into action.

Daring Culture

How to stop comparing yourself to others

+ Catch yourself

We all have those moments where we think, oh I wish I could look like that. The important thing is to catch yourself when you think it. Don’t let it bring you down.

+ Flip the compliment

When you’ve done above and caught yourself the next step is to flip your thoughts. Flip them to compliment yourself too, see below example.

‘Oh, she looks flawless. That dress looks amazing on her.’

THOUGHT – ‘I couldn’t pull it off.’

FLIP – ‘Just like I would too. My body would be bangin in that dress.’

(Content from Daring Journey Book - www.jennalee.biz/daringjourney)

Real girls aren’t perfect.

Perfect girls aren’t real.

Jenna Lee x

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