Major fashion houses strive towards body representation

ASOS model wears red bare back dress. Source:

The past year has seen huge steps towards body positivity and inclusivity in

the media sphere. Two of the biggest online fashion giants, ASOS & Missguided, are some of the most recent brands to get involved, and have been making headlines with their recent push towards body inclusivity.

It seems hard to believe that most fashion brands still push the thin-ideal beauty standard, significantly lack body diversity in the models they feature, and continue to photoshop out any 'blemishes' or signs of 'imperfection'. It is not difficult to represent women of all shapes and sizes in online advertising and the media in general, yet we continue to see underrepresentation in these spaces. Fortunately, ASOS & Missguided are some of the brands challenging the message that one body type suits all, and are making great strides in the online fashion space.

ASOS model wears bikini in unfiltered image. Source:

Last year, ASOS came out with a statement that they were no

longer photoshopping their models. They have also recently posted photos of women with their back and stomach rolls showing for their online clothing store, demonstrating that these features are completely natural and nothing to be ashamed of. Further, ASOS continues to receive praise for their use of diverse models, showing that this is what women and the world really want to see online.

This month, Missguided came out with a bikini photo on Instagram which showcased the models' stretch marks,

dimples and a body type that is typically underrepresented by brands, particularly in social media.

Missguided model poses in pink bikini. Source: @missguided.

For a brand usually associated with showcasing the “ideal” body type, it’s great to see Missguided stepping up to the plate and including women with different body types, who look

just as great in their clothing. With their added comment of “all bodies are beautiful”, it shows this fashion company is no longer shying away from diversity.

The praise ASOS & Missguided have received is well deserved, and brings the conversation of body representation that tends to be lacking on mainstream platforms to the forefront. Setting healthy and realistic standards has incredible benefits for women who never see themselves represented, struggle with body image and are constantly bombarded with a body type that is never theirs.

ASOS and Missguided, I

personally thank you for taking steps towards changing the game, and, for some people, the

way they see and feel about themselves for the better.

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