Shine4Diversity has landed

So, in case you missed it, the Shine4Diversity campaign has LANDED (...yes caps is necessary cause it is here and it is FIERCE).

Models pose for the campaign shoot. Source: @shine4diversity

The campaign, founded by models Mahalia H and Shareefa J, features a range of utterly beautiful models from a range of diverse backgrounds and we are here for it.

Last month, we interviewed Mahalia (you can read that here) who spoke about her frustrations with the lack of diverse models hired in the industry, and her experiences in forging a career path in an industry that previously told her she would "never make it". It is from that frustration that Shine was born.

The co-founders are hoping that the campaign will bring about awareness and force the industry to take note of their notorious lack of representation, proving that there are an abundance of models from a diverse range of backgrounds who are willing and ready to work, and whom absolutely shine whilst doing so (just refer to the photos for evidence!).

Source: @shine4diversity

The campaign has already attracted attention around the world on its first day of launch and we cannot wait to see how the industry responds. For now, you can get behind the mission @shine4diversity and follow Mahalia @mahaliafromaustralia and Shareefa @shareefa_j.

Two words: GIRL POWER.

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